The Networks: Telly Time

The Networks: Telly Time

The Networks: Telly Time, an expansion for The Networks, features nine genres and a new "noughts-and-crosses" way to get a genre bonus, with the shows in this item likely to be familiar to those from the UK. Telly Time comes in a small tuckbox, which contains 59 cards and 35 small plastic chips. Most of the cards are new TV shows.

45 of the cards in Telly Time are brand new Shows. There are three new Genres represented:

Chat Shows have a special power: the moment you Develop one, you may rotate all Stars and Ads in one of your timeslots (including the one the Chat Show is going in) to their good sides.

Quiz Shows also have a special power: at the end of each Season, you may use any Quiz Shows active in your lineup to convert money into Viewers at a rate of $1M to 1 Viewer, up to $3M for 3 Viewers for each active Quiz Show in your lineup.

Kids Shows have no special explicit powers, but tend to get you a lot of Viewers for their cost, and you can stuff them with Ads. But they only want to go on your earliest slot, with a big penalty if you put them on in the wrong time slot.

Note that you must have The Networks base game in order to play Telly Time! The Networks: Telly Time is partially compatible with The Networks: On the Air. The designer doesn't recommend playing it with the Shows from On the Air, but it will work just fine with the Stars, Ads, and Network Cards from On the Air.

The Networks: Telly Time is fully compatible with The Networks: Executives. Mogul Cards work the same way, except that you pick them up when you move the marker on your Genre-Bonus-O-Meter to the end.

遊戲設計師Gil Hova
美術師Heiko Günther,
Travis Kinchy
出版商Formal Ferret Games
玩家數量1 - 5
Expansion for Base-game
遊戲機制Open Drafting
遊戲擴充The Networks
所屬系列Game: The Networks,
Theme: Television (TV) Industry
遊戲名稱The Networks: Telly Time
BGG評分7.4849 / 10.0
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