The Networks: On the Air

The Networks: On the Air

A mini-expansion for The Networks, consisting of cards unlocked by Kickstarter stretch goals.

7 new Season 4-5 Shows
7 new Stars
8 new Network Cards (2 copies of 4 cards)
2 new Ads
6 blank Season 2-3 Shows
1 blank Star
1 sticker sheet with stickers for the turn order and score markers.

This is not a Kickstarter exclusive; it will be available for purchase once the game comes out.

遊戲設計師Gil Hova
美術師Heiko Günther,
Travis Kinchy
出版商Formal Ferret Games
玩家數量1 - 5
Expansion for Base-game,
Movies / TV / Radio theme
遊戲機制Open Drafting
遊戲擴充The Networks
所屬系列Game: The Networks,
Theme: Television (TV) Industry
遊戲名稱The Networks: On the Air
BGG重度2 / 5.0
BGG評分7.24203 / 10.0
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