Dungeon War

Dungeon War

User summary

Each player tries to conquer dungeon cards using heroes and items selected from their hands.

Each turn, a player draws a card and then performs one of the following actions: (1) Conquer a dungeon card, (2) develop a conquered card, (3) attack a dungeon card owned by another player, (4) draw an extra card.

Conquering a dungeon card involves matching the value of the card with the "Bravery" values of adventure cards played from your hand or playing a lower value to which the value of one die roll is added.

Each dungeon card shows a star-value, and by developing a dungeon card you can double this value. The player who is first to collect a 10 star value in dungeon cards wins the game.

In this new version of Meikyu Kingdom Card Game: Make You Conquest, a one on the die as "always lose," it has a few new rules for reusing characters, and for luring other players' characters away. Also, at least a few of the cards are different.

Designer's summary
Search through the labyrinth and take control over the demon lairs in order to expand your own domain.

遊戲設計師Yoshiyuki Arai (あらいよしゆき),
Touichirou Kawashima
美術師Carelessly (うっかり),
落合なごみ (Ochiai Nagomi),
Kou Okamoto (岡本晃)
玩家數量3 - 6
類別Card Game,
遊戲機制Dice Rolling,
Hand Management,
Take That
遊戲擴充Gold War (ゴールド・ウォー)
遊戲名稱Dungeon War
BGG評分6.66667 / 10.0

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